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At the NCCPG we are working hard to protect and preserve our magnificent plant heritage through:

The National Plant Collections® Scheme 'living libraries' of individual species, cared for by dedicated specialist growers

Nationwide education and publicity programmes

'Grass roots' activity through a network of 35 regional groups.

However, all this costs money. We are a self funding charitable organisation doing all we can with our limited resources; we raise funds from sponsors and from the activities we organize nationally and through our enthusiastic local Groups and their members.   

But we need your help to ensure that this important conservation work can continue.

See our Plant Heritage Membership and support pages for more information

Anuual membership
Alan Titchmarsh

Threatened Plants Appeal

"By supporting the Threatened Plants Appeal, you will be instrumental in not only safeguarding it, but also ensuring that our work carries on." Alan Titchmarsh

World Botanic seed packs

Johnsons Seeds raising money for Plant Conservation

Johnsons Seeds will donate 25p to Plant Heritage from all sales of 'Pink Pearl' - from its new World Botanic Seed Range

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