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The collection profiles featured on the left will reveal just how rich and diverse the network of National Plant Collections® is.

Japanese Irises
The Iris ensata collection at Marwood Hill Gardens
Japanese Irises

Geums to go
Sue Martin and Lloyd Kenyon discuss their care and cultivation

Crazy about snowdrops
The Scientific National Collection of snowdrops on our blog

Academic article on Passion flowers © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 2010
Link to article

Edinburgh's spicy glasshouses
A visit to the steamy jungle of the Royal Botanic Gardens' ginger and turmeric collections.
Edinburgh's spicy glasshouses

The story of Abbey Brook Cactus
Brian Fearn began collecting cactus when he was only 9. More than 60 years later he's master of no less than 8 Plant Heritage National Collections, has published dozens of articles, won the Brickell Award and is still collecting and researching. This, in his own words, is the story of his passion for succulents. The story of Abbey Brook Cactus

In Mint Condition
How a childhood brush with mint inspired 25 years of taxonomic challenges
In Mint Condition


Foliage plants at Bristol Zoo

Water irises
The family of the fleur de lys
Water irises

Lavender's blue, and white and pink and... growing lavander in New Zealand

And more about Lavender - this time the Downderry National Collection - on our blog

Glorious bulbs from Africa
Scadoxus (pdf download)

Hedychiums for that tropical look
Exotic ginger butterfly lilies prove surprisingly hardy

The gold medal spotted laurels

Delicate alpines

Birches and Maples
The red barked trees from China
Birches and Maples

A passion for foliage

Royal berries

Brodie daffodils
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