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Our Plant Guardian Scheme allows people across the UK to become actively involved in conservation of cultivated plants from their own back garden, greenhouse, allotment or windowsill.

If you have a rare or threatened plant you can register as a Plant Guardian.  This means we assess whether your plant is rare in cultivation. If the plant is rare, we list the name of the plant on our website, so people searching for it know that it is being kept safe by one of our members. Even if you don't think the plant you are growing is rare, it could be an unfashionable variety that has disappeared from the trade, or be at risk in its natural habitat.

By propagating and sharing your plant, we hope that it will eventually no longer be classified as threatened, and will be safe for future generations so please join in.

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Plant Guardians

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"By supporting the Threatened Plants Appeal, you will be instrumental in not only safeguarding it, but also ensuring that our work carries on." Alan Titchmarsh

Johnsons Seeds raising money for Plant Conservation

Johnsons Seeds will donate 25p to Plant Heritage from all sales of 'Pink Pearl' - from its new World Botanic Seed Range

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