Annual Plant Exchange

What is the Plant Exchange?

The Plant Exchange is designed to increase the diversity of cultivated plants and to re-establish plants in danger of being lost.

Members and Collection Holders submit lists of rare and unusual plants they have to offer and also request plants which are difficult to obtain or which have disappeared from the horticulture trade. Members can then bid for the plants offered and they are exchanged for free at our National AGM each year.

Why should I get involved?

It's a great opportunity to find some rare plants, ones that you might not be able to find anywhere else. If you manage to grow something successfully, then you could propagate it and pass it on, to help secure its future.

Do I have any rare plants to offer?

If you know the name of your plant, check the RHS Plant Finder and if it has two or fewer suppliers listed then it qualifies for the Plant Exchange. If you're unsure, please contact your Plant Exchange Co-ordinator, via your local group, for advice. It could also be considered for the Plant Guardian Scheme if it meets the ‘threatened criteria’, so consider registering it.

How do I bid for plants in the exchange?

Once the lists have been consolidated across all the local groups, they are published here in December. You will have the opportunity before the end of February, to bid for plants being offered, via your Plant Exchange Co-ordinator.

Groups will collect plants from the National AGM in May and distribute them to their new owners.

How much does it cost?

No payment is made to the donors of the plants and there is no charge to the recipient. Groups are expected to manage any administration or other costs they incur themselves. Groups are free to propagate and distribute the plants they receive and to sell the resultant plants if they choose (providing of course that these are not covered by Plant Breeders’ Rights).

Plant Exchange Lists


Please submit your offer and wants by end of November 2019.  New lists will be availalbe by 1st January 2020



For more information: contact the Plant Exchange Co-ordinator for your local group in the first instance. If you do not know who this is please email

Read this blog about taking part in the Plant Exchange from one of our previous Membership Administrators and member of the Surrey Group, Gillian Spencer.

Anuual membership

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