Group Contacts

Pat Gibbs (Chairman)

01292 269296

Mrs Mary Clydesdale (Treasurer)

01292 266598

Mrs Nora McCrossin (Secretary)

01292 679256

Mrs Margaret Stevenson (Garden Visits & Meetings Convener)

01292 260609

Mrs Helen Hepburn (Membership Secretary)


01292 441743

Mrs Karen Watson (Committee Member)

01292 265140

Mrs Glynis Scott (Committee Member)


Mrs Jean Dickie (Committee Member)

01292 441430

Mrs Rosa Maxwell (Committee Member)

01292 470259

Mrs Katrina Clow (Collections Co-ordinator) ex officio

01560 483926

Mrs Denise Galloway (Newsletter Editor) ex officio

01292 441633

Anuual membership

Honorary Treasurer Vacancy

We have a vacancy for an Honorary Treasurer. Applications are invited, with a deadline of 5th September 2018. See 'About Us'.

Alcea - one of our Missing Genera

Donate and support Plant Heritage

"By supporting the Threatened Plants Appeal, you will be instrumental in not only safeguarding it, but also ensuring that our work carries on." Alan Titchmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh

Johnsons Seeds raising money for Plant Conservation

Johnsons Seeds will donate 25p to Plant Heritage from all sales of 'Pink Pearl' - from its new World Botanic Seed Range

World Botanic seed packs

Key Contacts

Pat Gibbs (Chairman)
01292 269296

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