Group Contacts

Beverley Sugden (Collections Co-ordinator S/W)

01548 821666

Diane Rowe (Vice Chairman)

01884 840545

Dr John Twibell (Chairman)

01395 578689

Edna Squires (Plant Exchange, Collections Co-ordinator)

01404 822118

Felicity Dudbridge (Collections Co-ordinator E)

01392 811647

Helen Brown (East Devon Events Organiser)

01404 850941

Penny Walmsley (Membership Secretary)

01404 831992

Beverley Sugden (S&W Devon Events Organiser)

01548 821666

Malcolm Pharoah (North Devon Events Organiser)

01271 379001

Malcolm Pharoah (Newsletter Editor)

01271 379001

Eric Reynolds (Treasurer)

01297 625342

Sally Wills (Collections Co-ordinator N)

c/o Group Secretary

c/o Group Secretary

Caroline Stone (Group Secretary)

01566 785706

Anuual membership

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"By supporting the Threatened Plants Appeal, you will be instrumental in not only safeguarding it, but also ensuring that our work carries on." Alan Titchmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh

Johnsons Seeds raising money for Plant Conservation

Johnsons Seeds will donate 25p to Plant Heritage from all sales of 'Pink Pearl' - from its new World Botanic Seed Range

World Botanic seed packs

Key Contacts

Caroline Stone (Group Secretary)
01566 785706

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