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Somerset Plant Heritage National Collections

Acorus; Araceae (Hardy exl Arisaema & Zantedeschia)
Mrs. E. Honner

Bromeliaceae (Hardy)                                      Arum Orientalae Var. Sintenisii
Mr. R. Parker

Miss J. Moore

Mr. N. Hewitt-Cooper

Erythronium, Gaultheria (including Pernettya) Polystichum; Vaccinium
Miss J. Loraine, Greencombe Garden Trust

Jasminium; Passiflora cvs.
Miss J. lindsay & Miss T. O'Connor

Narcissus (Alec Gray hybrids)
Lady Skelmersdale

Passiflora (S)
Dr. R. J. R. Vanderplank

Pelargonium (sect Hoarea)
Mr. D. Victor

Primula (British floral variants) (S)
Dr. M. Webster

M. W. Blanco

Mr. D. J. Hunt, University of Bath

For more information on the Collections, or if interested in forming a new Collection, also to arrange a visit to a Collection Holder, please contact the Collections Co-ordinator Jennie Baker

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