Applying for scientific status

Do you actively use your National Plant Collection to further new knowledge of your plant group?

Do you go the extra mile for your genus or plant group?

Would you be considered by others as an authority in your field?

Have you published research?

If so, consider applying for scientific status for your collection in recognition of the extraordinary amount of work you have done and continue to do.

How to apply

  • Read the guidance sheet
  • If you would like to apply contact us
  • A member of the Plant Conservation Committee will be appointed as your mentor
  • Your mentor will support you through the application process, providing feedback and recommendations
  • Complete the application form
  • Once your application has been considered by the Plant Conservation Committee you will receive confirmation of the outcome

What evidence do you need?

It’s important to provide evidence with your application to demonstrate how your collection fulfils the criteria for scientific status.

You should be able to provide evidence of:

  • proficient record keeping and research into your collection
  • herbarium or photographic records of the plants, with descriptions, to be made available in the public domain
  • active and relevant research, including full list of publications
  • a written succession plan detailing future plans for plants and records should you be unable to maintain them

You should be able to demonstrate:
  • your active involvement in maintaining and enhancing the taxonomic status of your plant group, in cooperation with other collections and authorities a sound knowledge of other collections (held nationally and internationally) in your genus or group and regular communication with them where possible
  • how you have shared your knowledge and plant material for the good of conservation and the genus concerned
Anuual membership

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