Persephone is a secure online database developed for Plant Heritage Collection Holders to record information about their plants in a consistent way. All or part of this information may be shared online with named others, such as fellow enthusiast. There are currently more than 100 National Plant Collections recorded on Persephone.

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Persephone can be used on any internet enabled device, such as a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, anywhere in the world, providing that there is connection to the internet. The data is regularly backed up by the hosting service and by the Persephone Team.

What information can be recorded in Persephone?

Standard fields include:

  • plant name (genus, species…..cultivar name),
  • accession number,
  • date of accession,
  • source.

The selection and layout of standard fields can be set up for individual collections using Persephone’s Form Editor.

Other fields can be customised to order:

  • One collection holder may wish to store text about the history of their plants.
  • Another may wish to store a table of measurements of leaf size or plant height etc.
  • Images and small documents may also be added to plants or accessions.

Persephone produces a number of standard (.pdf) reports and Plant Lists required by the Conservation Team at National Office may be directly submitted online. Other reports can be exported to order and can be viewed in an Excel spreadsheet.

For more information

Download this fact sheet for more information or contact a member of the Persephone Team. Support can also be offered to upload an existing plant list held on other systems to avoid the need for re-keying.

David and Penny Ross, 01386 593837
Doug Smith, 01329 833253,
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