What are Missing Genera?

These are much-loved garden plants that are not currently represented in National Plant Collections®. We want to encourage people with a passion for plants to bring together a National Plant Collection of their own.
Why are they important?
The world of horticulture is surprisingly fast-paced. Plants that filled nurseries one year can become increasingly hard to find the next. This is due to changes in fashion, environmental factors and loss of habitat. All of these contribute to threatening our precious plant diversity. 
Which plants are missing from our National Plant Collections?
We are highlighting a selection of 10 well-known plants, though many other plant groups are missing from our Collections scheme. Disover the plants currently on our ‘most-wanted’ list here, or download the long list here.

I’m interested - what’s the next step?
For more details click on Start a National Collection, call our friendly team on
01483 447540, or email collections@plantheritage.org.uk

Why become a National Collection Holder?
A National Plant Collection is like a living library of plants. As a Collection Holder you are conserving a rich pool of diversity for future generations. If your Collection includes rare or threatened plants, you will be helping to bring them back from possible extinction through preservation and propagation. Our Collection Holders are natural enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their passion - read their stories here.
What are the benefits of having a National Collection?
Keeping a Collection appeals to plant lovers who have a passion for a particular genus – from Achillea to Verbascum – and who relish the challenge of conserving and expanding it. You will enjoy researching the history of your plants, tracking down new additions, talking to other plant experts, and becoming an expert yourself.

You will be happy to share your knowledge, too: Collections have to be accessible to the public, whether by private appointment or on Open Days. You may also produce educational material, give talks or put on displays at flower shows. 
What help will I get?
Any proposed Collection is assessed by a local volunteer Group Co-ordinator. They will work with you to complete your Proposal (read more about applying for a National Collection here), along with our dedicated plant Conservation Team. Collection Holders are supported by our local Plant Heritage Groups, who are full of like-minded plants people. Groups hold regular talks, visits, workshops and plant sales, while Plant Heritage also offers workshops – from plant photography to micropropagation.
Do I need to have a huge garden?
Not at all. We have Collection Holders with Collections housed in greenhouses, on allotments and in small gardens. At the other end of the scale, Collection Holders include botanic gardens, historic estates and local government parks. The key requirements to becoming a Collection Holder are having the time and the right environment to support your chosen Collection. 

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