EU Plant Reproductive Materials deadline extended



Update on Plant Reproductive Material campaign.


After a teleconference with Vicky Ford MEP today, it was agreed that she would put forward the amendments agreed by the interested parties (HTA, NFU, PH, Plants for Europe) in cooperation with DEFRA. She, along with Julie Girling and James Nicholson, sit on both the Agricultural and Environmental committees and will be well placed to represent our interests. From a PH perspective I was very pleased that the specific amendments regarding conservation were agreed.


In addition to this there is also a ‘wrecking amendment’ which has a lot of support within Europe, and would entirely remove the current proposal causing the process to be started again from scratch. It is unlikely that this will succeed but not impossible.


The Presidency of the Council of the European Union moves to Greece in the New Year, and it is unlikely that the incoming President will consider this matter to be of great urgency. The proposal is due to reach Plenary on the 15th April 2014 but this will take time due to the large amount of amendments now proposed, and the European elections are on the 22nd-25th May 2014, which will stop all proceedings for some months.


Two major issues still remain unaddressed: the ease of adding plants to Annex 1 and the definition of a home gardener which requires some work to ensure that it is not too narrow, but these are being worked upon.



The deadline for comments to be made by MEPs has been extended to the 18th December for the ENVI committee and the 11th for the AGRI committee.

The original news item and letter template is here


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