First National Plant Collection partnership of chrysanthemums hopes to keep plants around forever, says Plant Heritage

Leading plant conservation and membership charity Plant Heritage is delighted to announce the first dispersed Collection of chrysanthemums is joining its nation-wide programme of National Plant Collections® .

Previously Plant Heritage has mainly awarded Collections looked after by one National Collection Holder in one place, but the new Collection Holder of Chrysanthemum (Hardy) Judy Barker has joined forces with two recognised partners, Hill Close Gardens (Warwick) and Dr Andrew Ward of Norwell Nurseries (Newark). The new partnership will mean a stronger position for the current and future conservation of hardy chrysanthemums with displays now open to the public in three locations across three counties.

Judy started her collection of Section 21 (Koreans and Rubellums) hardy spray chrysanthemums at her allotment in Hertfordshire over 12 years ago. Over the years, Judy has maintained the Collection on her own despite recent winter floods and having had surgery on both her hips.

Judy said, “I am so pleased to have extended the holding of my National Plant Collection with Norwell Nurseries and Hill Close Gardens. Chrysanthemums are wonderfully, versatile plants with deep intense colours and scents. They are also easy to grow, many survive colder winters and they provide essential support for insects”.

Plant Heritage CEO Sarah Quarterman said, “We are delighted to announce this first new National Plant Collection partnership of hardy chrysanthemums across the three counties of Hertfordshire, Nottinghamshire and Warwickshire.

“Collection Holders are holders of living plant libraries. Dispersing a Collection amongst several holders is a great way to share the processes involved in conserving plants and also provides greater security, for example against plant diseases, through holding the plants in more than one area. All keen horticulturists and gardeners can learn more about current Collections and how to submit a proposal for a Collection by visiting”.

This new Collection follows the pioneering first dispersed Collection awarded by Plant Heritage to Bristol Zoological Gardens for their Calendula (pot marigolds) which are grown and tended by a number of different schools and community projects, before being displayed together in the Zoo’s gardens.

Image copyright: Norwell Nurseries Chrysanthemum

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