New National Plant Collections of Amelanchier and Parrotia for Plant Heritage

Leading plant conservation charity, Plant Heritage, is delighted to welcome National Collections of Amelanchier and Parrotia to its nationwide scheme.
The Collections are held by woody-plants expert, Chris Lane who runs a wholesale nursery in Sittingbourne, Kent and already holds National Collections of Hamamelis and Wisteria.  
Chris, who started collecting Amelanchier 12 years ago, was attracted to these deciduous trees, which originate in America because of their attractive spring flowers and stunning autumn colour. Having added to the collection significantly over the past few years Chris has now amassed over 70 varieties.

The Parrotia collection was started around 15 years ago and has been sourced from specialist nurseries, gardens and arboretums. Chris propagates the plants by grafting. Parrotia are closely related to his collection of, Hamamelis, and indeed were initially considered to be a species of Hamamelis. The common name of Persian Ironwood refers to the extraordinarily tough wood, and their origins in Iran.

Speaking on the Collection Chris said the trees are notable for their eye catching flowers, which come out in early February, and dazzling burgundy autumn colour.

Speaking on the new collections Plant Heritage Conservation Officer Mercy Morris said: “Chris is a well-known figure in the woody-plant world, and his work towards conservation and amassing of knowledge on his plants is greatly respected. It is good to see him add more Collections to his existing two.”

Tricia Adam, local Collections Coordinator added: “His research into the nomenclature of this genus will be a valuable contribution to horticulture in the future.”
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