Our response to The State of the World's Plants report

On 10 May 2016 The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew released a new report 'The State of the World’s Plants', as part of an international science and policy symposium.

In response, Plant Heritage CEO, Sarah Quarterman, said:
“Today’s report findings from The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew offer the first comprehensive assessment of the state of the world’s flora, and highlight the increasing threats faced by plants, from land-use change to pests and diseases.   With one in five of the world’s plant species estimated to be threatened with extinction, now is time for urgency and for conservation organisations to work together with governments and the industry to address the global challenges we currently face.”
“Increasing threats to plants in the wild have emphasised the importance of conserving plants in gardens. As the world’s leading cultivated plant conservation charity, Plant Heritage plays a key role in preserving the unique diversity of species and cultivars grown in the UK and Ireland. Our highly successful network of 630 National Plant Collections® has set an example for many other organisations worldwide, while the Plant Guardians scheme has made plant conservation accessible to everyone.”
“Our Threatened Plants Project (TPP) in particular aims to identify all known cultivars in British and Irish horticulture, and establish those which have become rare or threatened (in tandem with the IUCN Red List® criteria for species). The project aims to provide a more robust estimate of cultivated plant scarcity, amassing data indicating their heritage value, a measure of conservation worthiness and promoting practical conservation through a network of individual and institutional partners. The TPP is also used to prioritise conservation efforts, for example by allowing for a targeted recruitment of National Collections.”

You can download a copy of the report from www.kew.org here. 
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