Plant Exchange 2014

It’s that time of year again when Plant Heritage starts to organise its ever popular annual plant exchange.
The National Plant Exchange allows members of Plant Heritage to share rare or uncommon plants with other members in the hope that some at least will be propagated to reduce their rarity. The criterion for determining the rarity of a plant is that there should two or fewer listed in the RHS Plant Finder.

To encourage you all to concentrate on propagating more of the most popular Genera, a list has been produced of the most sought after last year. These are:

Achillea                                Galanthus
Aster                                    Geranium
Astrantia                              Hemerocallis
Campanula                          Phlox
Campanula                          Primula
Chrysanthemum                  Viola
Crocosmia                           Eryngium

In 2013 a total of 863 plants were offered, and received a total of 1490 bids. Whilst the Wanted List contains several hundred plants that are being sought, there are sadly never as many supplied. We would urge groups to look at this list carefully as many mo0re request could be fulfilled.

Finally, there are important conventions about the bidding and correct labelling, your local Group Contact will be able to explain these. If you have any queries please contact
The Important dates for you to follow are:
November 30th 2013 – You let your co-ordinator know what you have to offer and what you would like.
December 15th 2014 - Collated lists of all ‘wants’ and ‘offers’ will be sent back to members.
February 28th 2014 – All Groups should have returned their bids.
March 20th – The lists of the successful bids are returned to the Local Group Contacts.
The exchange of plants will take place at the 2014 Members Weekend, hosted by the Norfolk Groupoup on 9th -11th May in Norfolk. For details and a booking form please see:
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