Find a rare plant

Looking for a plant?

Do you crave a plant for your garden that isn't seen in your area? Or perhaps you just enjoy tracking down plants that are a little more unusual? There are a number of different places that might help you find what you are looking for...

Plant Heritage National Plant Collections®
The Collections Directory is a list of all the National Plant Collections and will tell you if they sell plants and also if they supply by mail order. Even if the collection is not a nursery they may have a specimen that you can look at or know of a supplier.

Plant Guardians Scheme
Is open to members only and records the Threatened plants that they grow in their gardens. Members of the public may make requests for plant material via the National Office. Whether the Plant Guardian wishes to supply material is up to them!

Local Plant Fairs
Our network of local Groups, amongst other activities, work to make rare plants more available. The more available a plant is, the less likely it is to be lost. Most of our Groups hold plant fairs and sales that are listed in under our events. Or, alternatively you can search via your local group pages.

The Annual Plant Exchange - FREE TO MEMBERS!
Many of our local Groups also participate in the Annual Plant Exchange. Members and Collection Holders submit lists of rare and unusual plants they have to offer and also request plants which are difficult to obtain or which have disappeared from the horticulture trade. Members can then bid for the plants offered and they are exchanged for free at our National AGM each year.

Members' specialist nurseries
Plant Heritage's membership ranges from the keen amateur to the professional nurseryman or nurserywoman. On our Nurseries page you will find details of specialist nurseries run by our members. If you're not a member but would like your nursery listed - join up and we will include you!

The RHS Plant Finder
Every year the RHS compile a publication called the RHS Plant Finder. The intention is to make it easier to source unusual plants. Nurseries send in the plants that they list and this is used to produce an A-Z Plant Directory of some 70,000 names against which are listed a series of nursery codes. The Nurseries section at the back of the book gives their full details. Those genera with a National Plant Collection are marked with a flower symbol. The publication can be sourced from RHS Enterprises or can be searched online.

Anuual membership

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